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Instant Mini Facelift: facial rejuvenation at your fingertips!


We’re all familiar with Botox, fillers and plastic surgery when it comes to anti-aging, but what about non-invasive procedures that actually do what they say on the tin? Personally I’ve grown tired of creams that fail to deliver baby soft skin and serums that don’t make my pores vanish! I’m always on the lookout for new beauty treatments and in recent years have become obsessed with staying out of the sun and with the word ‘preservation’.

Enter the Instant Mini Facelift, an osteopathic revolutionary natural facelift method created by Dr. Fabien Claude-Storz. The French osteopath D.O promises smoother, fresher and younger looking skin after a simple, painless, and 100% natural facial massage. Too good to be true you think?! Don’t worry I was sceptical too… so decided to test out this magical medic for myself.


Lacklustre skin at the ready (and cynicism in my handbag), I entered Dr. Fabien’s office just off of Hollywood Road in Central. From the moment I stepped into a room full of paintings and sculptures with a clear view over Central Hong Kong, I knew this was not going to be like a general trip to my GP!

The immaculately dressed Dr. Claude-Storz offered me sparkling water presented in a crystal glass and went through the process with me. He explained that his ‘fingerpuncture’ method manually works on muscles, to make them gain strength and flexibility naturally, by stimulating blood flow in the muscles and activating tired facial tissue. The result is a plumped up, rejuvenated face.


It certainly makes more sense to stimulate muscles with exercise instead of paralysing them through Botox and fillers, and if you compare the bodies of women who exercise, the energetic one is certainly more youthful. But, whether the same theory applies to facial anti-aging is definitely a grey area in medicine.

To say I felt like a guinea pig in a lab would be pushing it, but I was somewhat apprehensive as I lay down on the examination table. Dr. Claude-Storz played some relaxing music and explained that I would feel slight pressure for the first few minutes.

It felt like a strange mix between a facial and a vigorous massage and lasted about 45 minutes. There were no lotions or potions and his strangely cold fingertips were the only tools involved. I felt comfortable the entire time thanks to his immaculate bedside manner, and learned that he was third generation of a medical family and had recently moved to Hong Kong.

DSC_0001 copie.NEF

After learning more about the doctor’s background, I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see visibly softened lines and plumper cheeks. What I found most remarkable was that my skin tone not only looked more even, but it felt smoother too. I definitely didn’t look five years younger but I looked refreshed, re-energised and invigorated. The results lasted approximately three weeks but are subject to your lifestyle (I drink at least two litres of water a day), and follow-up sessions are recommended to maintain the supple and soft skin-tone.

Dr. Claude-Storz D.O is a certified Osteopath who specializes in headaches, sinusitis, tendonitis and natural facial rejuvenation. A long-term treatment plan for 17 sessions of Instant Mini Facelifts costs $25,000 and single sessions are also available at $2,000.

Osteopath Hong Kong  11/F, 43 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
2910 1771


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