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SHK - superstyler Joho dcg

Super Styler: Johanna Ho, Designer

This month’s Super Styler is the lively and dynamic designer, Johanna Ho. After years in London and Tokyo, Johanna has this year opened her first namesake store, Johanna Ho, in Central, Hong Kong. We’re huge fans of her innovative knitwear and … read more

beat the heat dcg

Beat the Hong Kong heat with these four summer outfits!

Ugh! This is the first word, nay sound, that comes to mind when describing Hong Kong summer temps. The sweltering sun, the ever-climbing humidity, and the frequent downpours are enough to make anyone religiously stalk the Cathay website for fanfares … read more

that girl gemma dcg

That Girl: Gemma Hayden Blest, floral artist and set designer extraordinaire

This week’s That Girl is Gemma Hayden Blest, a botanical artist and set designer who has a way with flowers that goes way beyond your average green fingers! We chat to Gemma about her favourite places in Hong Kong, the joys and challenges of … read more


What Sassy Wants: July

If you’re feeling bummed about not managing to get away this summer, then why not look on the bright side – that July pay check is going to go a whole lot further! And with more cash comes more room for spending on all things pretty. Some people … read more


Sassy Scoop: APM Monaco opens with a bang in the heart of Central, with special Sassy perks to celebrate!

We know how much you Sassy girls love APM Monaco jewellery… their chic styles are the perfect statement pieces to add to any wardrobe. And not only is each collection fresh and unique, but APM Monaco launch new collections every month, so you can … read more


Summer inspiration from our That Girls x Club Monaco!

We know how much you all love our That Girl interviews, and why wouldn’t you? They’re super cool, successful, stylish women who have made a name for themselves in Hong Kong. Safe to say, they are all huge inspirations to us! That’s why we … read more


Sassy Tips for Decorating Small Spaces!

We all know that once you have accomplished the ultimate challenge of finding that chic city apartment (we lament over this in The Great Apartment Hunt), you are then faced by the equally daunting task of decorating it.  “Where to start?!”, … read more

melissa bui that girl dcg

That Girl: Melissa Bui, fashion designer

This week's That Girl is Melissa Bui, the up-and-coming Hong Kong fashion designer who's definitely one to watch! A self-proclaimed dreamer, Melissa's creativity and imagination are truly inspiring. This Hong Kong girl launched her first collection … read more


Sassy Scoop: Snap Up Swimwear for Summer at the Vamastyle Pop-up Event!

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, you know it’s time to update your summer wardrobe. Get rid of that old bikini, it’s time to replace it with something gorgeous from Vamastyle! Vamastyle is a designer resort label that embraces … read more


Man About Town: Men Are Like Shoes

There’s a moment in Sex and the City when Carrie, stuck for column ideas, wonders if Randall - the sandal guy, would make for an interesting read. After having bared and shared my dating life in last month’s column and fielding numerous … read more

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