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Giving up Facebook: What happens when the newsfeed stops

Glance around you wherever you are, on the street, the bus, at dinner, in the office, and chances are most people will have their heads buried in their phones, mindlessly trawling Facebook. I was one of those people who kept getting suckered into … read more


Sassy Supports: Mother’s Choice

Most of us Sassy girls lead relatively lucky lives. We have families, friends, access to healthcare, a roof over our heads, food choices and resources at our fingertips. If certain circumstances or decisions result in pregnancy, we have easily … read more


Hello from Sassy’s new editor!

The Power of Film Gala, the Rugby Sevens, the Affordable Art Fair… it seems like it’s all going on this month! HK is the city that never sleeps, and this month Sassy HQ has taken that saying to heart, as we've been working at full speed to keep … read more


Sassy Supports: FilmAid Asia

This weekend boasts one of the most glitzy charity events in Hong Kong, the annual Power of Film Gala 2014! Sponsored by Moët & Chandon and with a host of Hong Kong’s hottest celebs and socialites attending, this is going to be one glamorous … read more


Sassy Supports: Enlighten Action For Epilepsy

A surprising number of people have epilepsy, and it can be managed relatively well with medication. However, people don’t realise that in serious cases it can be fatal, which heartbreakingly happened to one of my friends at University. This is … read more

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Introducing Sassy’s Man About Town – who detoxes with Pure’s Nood Food juice cleanse and goes rock climbing at Da Verm

In a city like Hong Kong, everyone fancies themselves as a “somebody”, don’t they? Although our fragrant harbour has over 7 million inhabitants, somehow you’ll always know someone who knows somebody that can get you into the latest hotspot, … read more

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Hong Kong Firsts – do you remember yours?!

Anyone who has moved to a new city for any length of time will be familiar with the inevitable onslaught of “firsts” that occur – and Hong Kong is no exception! The first time you go to the Peak, your first junk, your first T8 day-off, your … read more


Sassy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day on a budget – unique and cheap Hong Kong date ideas

Want to get all lovely dovey on Valentine’s Day, but don’t quite have the spending power to splurge? Never fear, we’ve thought of some brilliant alternative date ideas to get you inspired! If you need proof that you don’t have to drain … read more

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Sassy Supports: Animals Asia

When I think of a bear one word springs to mind… run! Jill Robinson has the opposite reaction and has dedicated the past two decades of her life to providing sanctuary for mistreated moon bears in Asia. Founded in 1998 the Animals Asia team has … read more


Sassy’s Christmas Wishlist 2013

Dear Santa, Team Sassy promises that we have been all very good this year and that we will leave you a stash of mince pies and mulled wine on December 25. In return, may we present you with our Sassy Christmas Wishlist – the presents we are … read more

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