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Sassy is the Hong Kong girl’s hub for original lifestyle content and honest opinion that covers this buzzing city top-to-bottom and supports a strong, real-life community of Sassy girls. From our up-to-the minute website to our special events (you won’t want to miss out on our Sassy Hours!), we’ve got life in Hong Kong sussed.

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The Sassy Girls

Maura Thompson, Co-founder & Managing Director

Hi! I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I lived in New York City for three years before moving to Hong Kong in May 2008. This is my first experience living abroad and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made (sometimes I wonder if I will ever move back, but please don’t ever tell my mom that!). I am a total city girl and pride myself on being able to navigate the hills of Hong Kong in 5-inch heels. I am quite certain though that I will face plant one day on Pottinger Street and I just hope no one will be around to witness it. I love all things fitness related and I am at my happiest when doing Tree pose on my yoga mat.

Favourite things about Hong Kong: Foot Massages, being able to easily do a hike, beach trip and city drinks all in one day and the contrast of modern buildings mixed in between old school Chinese streets.

Hester Aba, Co-founder & Creative Director

Hello! I’ve been in Hong Kong since March 2008, when I moved from Switzerland with my husband. I’m originally from Bristol in the UK though sadly I lost my West-Country accent a few years back. My background is in the Design Industry and love all things artsy and creative. I also have a passion for fashion, though as I have a young daughter, Elodie Rose, I’m not so much rocking the high heels these days! I look after the Sassy website and design, in between changing nappies and dreaming about beach vacations…

Favourite thing about Hong Kong: The food, the always-on-the-go energy and the feeling of being so lucky to live in one of the greatest cities in the world!

Jaime Rose, Director of Strategy

My name is Jaime Rose (well officially Scudamore but as a staunch feminist I work using my maiden name!) and I am a relative newbie having moved to Hong Kong in October 2011. Until then, I had lived my whole life in London, England where I ran my own businesses but jumped on the opportunity to move to Hong Kong last year. I dived head first into HK living and am eagerly exploring all the city has to offer by slowly working my way through every restaurant, pilates class and various hiking routes. Most importantly I have immersed myself in Sassy, which is in my opinion, every girl’s best friend for getting to grips with this hectic city. I now class myself as more of a local than a newbie but am always on the lookout for new things to try!

Favourite things about Hong Kong: The juxtapositions between old and new, rural and urban, Western and Chinese. The openness and friendliness of the people. The enterprising spirit of the women here. Having hikes and beaches almost on my doorstep. The sheer amount of good restaurants to try.

Vivien Cheng, Sales & Marketing Director

Hey there! I grew up in HK and went to university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I climbed snowbanks taller than me just to get to class (“Almost there… almoooost… what the…! I hate gravity”), ordered Chinese food at 2 am in the library (“Yes, I’m on the fourth floor… make a right at the elevators… second cubicle on the left“) and went on a ghost tour of the campus (hint: you might want to do this during your senior year rather than your freshman year. It would prevent the near heart attacks you’d get everything time you hear noises in old campus buildings after hours). You can find out even more about me in my That Girl feature here!

Favourite thing about HK: The tramline. Not only is it really fun to ride (ok, not so fun in the humid summer heat), it’s really the only failsafe way to get my bearings in HK. Every time I think I’m lost, I hunt for the tramline and voila! I know where I am. Well… most of the time.

P.S. All our headshots were taken by the supremely talented Sabrina Sikora Photography!

Image sourced via tumblr

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